It's well known that sometimes when us humans have a hard time connecting with one another, we might have an easier time connecting with other, non verbal, mammalian species. Horses and dogs in particular, provide a unique opportunity —a magical gift— to see yourself reflected back. And they do so honestly and without judgement. They hold a sacred space that invites healing and growth. They’ll help you see yourself. Your truths, insecurities and the shame stories that keep you stuck in a loop.

When you see yourself, you can show up more Connectfully in all aspects of your life and relationships, community and natural world.

When you stand solidly in your own truths your insecurities and fears become your spiritual guides and teachers. Animals naturally help you find that solid ground and hold those truths, unwaveringly.

You’ll build confidence in your own reflection through gentle observation. Working with canine and/or equine co-therapists you will have a change to dive into how you see yourself; your feelings, your observations of your shadows and your relationships. We’ll create a healing environment to nourish and nurture you that you’ll take back home and share with all of the important people in your life.

Rebecca partners with local equine specialists to bring Equine Assisted Experiential Learning to New York’s Hudson Valley. 

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Rebecca also incorporates her therapy-dog-in-training, Tova, and two house cats into weekly therapy sessions when in her office upon client request.