Being Mother by Ann Hutton

Ann Hutton's writing on Being Mother speaks to the core of the mother experience. The loss of self, the navigation between attachment and sacrifice, reinvention and transformation and back again.  Some excerpts:  

Being Mother alters one’s identity entirely. Not only do you take on whatever socially proscribed behaviors your local tribe demands—good mothers feed and clothe their young, look after their well-being, provide them with appropriate entertainment and keep them from self-destruction for as long as possible—but also your very cells imprint with an emotional bond to these creatures that come out of you. Your mental synapses are no longer your own private affair. You are consumed, body and soul, by what you have produced. No one expects to lose them selves in the bargain, but that singular person you once were no longer exists.


It’s that attachment thing that challenges a mother’s ultimate estimation of her own success. Knowing how to be there wholly and completely for your children, then recognizing when to detach from that life-giving role—and how to reinvent a singular life for yourself—it requires nothing short of a transformation.


How has motherhood transformed you?