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Stories shape relationships.

Relationships shape stories.

Join us, relationship therapist Rebecca Wong and storytelling coach Marisa Goudy, for soulful explorations, conversations and interviews. We dive into stories, myths, and psychological insights that will shift the way you see yourself and your world. We look at how individuals can respond and create positive transformation - even when it feels like the world is spinning in the wrong direction.

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Ep#3 Meeting The Divine Feminine
In this episode, Rebecca and Marisa explore what the divine feminine is and why it matters to all people today.  NOTE: For the best listening experience, in this episode only, please use both earbuds! We're still mastering the recording process...

Ep#2.5 Alternative Facts | A Special Edition
In this episode, Marisa and Rebecca discuss alternative facts, how they influence relationships, and what they have to do with storytelling.

Ep#2 Stories Shape Relationships, Relationships Shape Stories
In this conversation between Rebecca and Marisa, we explore some of the structures and theories that support our vision of the Practice of Being Seen.

Ep#1 An Intro the Practice of Being Seen with Robert Cox
Sometimes, the best way to see yourself is to see yourself reflected in someone else’s eyes. When you launch a new podcast, sometimes the best way to explain your vision is to have a friend come on air to ask you about it.

Ep#0 Welcome to the Practice of Being Seen
Meet your Practice of Being Seen hosts, relationship therapist Rebecca Wong and storytelling coach Marisa Goudy. Tune in for conversations and interviews that explore the stories, spirit, and psychology that shape our relationships and form our society.


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