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[embed][/embed] Don't you wish you wish you could just get a therapist on the line and ask those burning questions about why your partner does that thing, or why you always react in that certain way, why you two are always caught in the same loop, or how to... Well, here is your chance!

Robyn D'Angelo and I are really excited to join forced to bring you a relationship Q and A style webinar. Robyn is a Gottman method couples therapist in Laguna Hills, CA who's specialty is working with anxious partners.

We want you to be a part of the webinar!

So gather all those questions you’ve always wanted to ask a relationship expert, you have more than a few I bet!  Now’s your chance to ask and get advice you can trust.  The webinar is free, all you have to do to join us is share your questions with us HERE by August 24th.

This webinar will be fueled by your most burning questions.

We can't wait to hear all that stuff you wonder about and help you find your way towards enjoying fun, satisfying, healthy, sustainable relationships that fill you up rather than deplete you. We know you want that, or more of that, or to make sure that continues... (we all do!)

The webinar will be held on August 28th at 11am PST/2pm EST and you are invited to join us, live. And before you ask, yes, we're planning to recording also, so if you can't be on the call with us we would still love for you to submit your questions! That said, being live with us makes it all so much more fun!

No question is too big or too small.  We want 'em all and we can not wait to hear what you are wondering about!!! In fact, we can't do this without you.


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We'll send you more information about how to log on as the August 28th webinar approaches, just sign up and submit your questions by August 24th to make sure you are on the list!

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If this relationship Q and A webinar sounds as exciting to you as it does to us, make sure to share, sign up & submit your burning juicy relationship questions to us by August 24th!