They tell me that they’ve been to two, three, four other therapists, tried everything, and that this is their last stop. Sometimes they walk away with a breakthrough. Other times, they walk away with a break-up, because that’s life.

You like to think you can avoid the mess of disconnection in relationships.

But you can’t. 

The simple truth is relationships are difficult.

As you and your partner seek a deeper, more sustainable connection, you'll also experience uncomfortable yet necessary and powerful times of disconnect.

In recognizing the uncomfortable moments and reaching out – beyond your autopilot reactions and responses – real, relational healing happens. It’s about taking personal responsibility for creating a safer relationship by keeping the focus on what you have influence over: you.

I draw from a powerful "no bullshit" therapeutic methodology, Relational Life Therapy (RLT).

RLT will help you to... 

...make powerful insights, sustain lasting change and integrate healthy new relational skills into your daily life.

...address your most troubling issues head on and target your problem behaviors, underlying core issues and past traumas.

...move back into connection, work through infidelity and trust issues, increase intimacy, improve communication, and deepen relational integrity.

...hold yourselves, each other, and your relationship in warm regard.  

To learn more about RLT and it’s founder, Terry Real, click here.

Many of my clients report seeing significant shifts in the first few sessions. 

Most couples schedule 90-minute sessions, every other week for 3-months or more. Some prefer to work on a more intensive schedule or in private retreat style couples intensives

My goal is to help you discern whats needed and get you to a place you no longer need my services as soon as possible. I work with all types of couples, including the LGBTQ community and diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds.