You're stuck in an uncomfortable loop. Feeling unseen, unheard and misunderstood in your love relationships. 

Your struggle to let others in begins with a struggle to see yourself. 

It's uncomfortable to give yourself permission to slow down and see yourself.

This is where our work begins... I'll join you in the process of discerning your truths.

Together we'll explore how you see yourself; your feelings, observations, and your relationships. In these reflections we'll uncover what is needful of seeing and mending.

We’ll explore the stories you tell yourself and how those stories affect your relationships. Everything from your own birth and childhood, through your emerging awareness of your own sexual self, your exploration of parenthood, mating and life partnership. 

Overwhelm and vulnerability keep you and your relationships stuck in a loop. You'll learn regulation skills to support you back into connection with yourself and the relationships that fulfill you.