designed for therapists, healers + creatives

You're meant to make an impact in the world.

You need a structure to help keep you from getting sidelined and distracted.

A support system to challenge old beliefs that are no longer serving you. Beliefs that feed your persnickety imposter syndrome, haunting you with messages like “you’re not good enough”, “you should do more…”, “…know more”, “…be more” ...all those reasons you fear taking the next step.

It’s time to grow. First, you need to get out of your own way and break out of the comfort zone you’ve grown accustomed to because it limits your growth.

You need a different kind of guidance and nurturing. 

A business model that sustains you, not just your business growth.

A community that combats the isolation of entrepreneurship.

A space to understand how to weave your story into your visions of growth.

This is an invitation to join a small integrative tribe of self actualizing therapists, healers and creatives who are ready to release blockages and cultivate visions.

We’ll help you to put right action behind your visions. Create inspired new offerings. Hone and share your message with confidence and clarity. Finally dedicate yourself to the book that you’ve been scribbling in your notebooks. Develop your signature program. Or host events that bring together the soul of your work…

We’ll support and bolster you as you dive wholeheartedly into the work your soul is being called to. And in doing so, you’ll experience more alignment and integration between your professional identity and the rest of your life. You’ll build a livelihood that you can truly sustain, and tend to your-self and the relationships that support you without missing a beat.

This is a chance to dive in and shine a light on your dreams and blockages alongside an intimate community of peers wading into the marvelous mess of it all beside you.

Believe in your vision.

Cultivate Containers to nourish new growth.

Trust intuition to guide your way.

Take bold action.

Rest more. Hustle less.

During this 10-month program — long enough to gestate and birth your visions and help plot your next steps — you’ll meet monthly with a handpicked mastermind circle + dive deep in one-on-one monthly mentoring sessions with Rebecca.

It’s likely, you're already familiar with the process: the dance between visioning into the seeds your cultivating and discerning what fits in your life. Your journey deepens by growing comfortable in that messy middle space: sitting with your inner knowings, taking inspired action and polishing the healing message that ripples out from you into all you do. 

You know, often it's the wounds you've tended to and nurtured within yourself that you're now uniquely positioned to heal in others and the message that others connect with, that's the integration process. That's where you digest and make it yours, in the leadership role, in sharing your knowledge.

The therapists, healers and creative entrepreneurs I work with are ready to get out of their own way, cultivate a life and livelihood filled with meaningful work, connectful relationships and vast visions.

Imagine what you'll accomplish when your fears, anxieties, and shame stories shift into guides supporting you to slow down, tend to the relationships that nurture you and trust intuition to get you unstuck, For you to find ease and flow in your life, dreams, relationships and livelihood, you need to integrate these messages. 

This integrative program is about giving yourself permission to deepen into what you already know, and be supported in believing in yourself and taking action alongside your peers. 



who this program is for…

We’re mindful about maintaining a small cohesive community, therefore we are only opening this program to 11 therapists, healers + creative entrepreneurs, all of whom will have been mindfully vetted by Rebecca.

The members joining our group are powerful instigators of change, rebels and dreamers who need a little nudge to believe in their innate wisdom and a community to remind them of their greatness when they stumble. We do expect a certain comfort level with introspective deep dives, a familiarity with the intimacies of the therapeutic process, and a readiness to explore the work you’re yearning to put into the world.

This program will give you permission to take the needed time and space to nurture and grow your big ideas. We’re going to plant seeds and we’re going to make stuff happen!

the format…

Our mastermind sessions will meet online, over zoom once a month for 10-months, Once we come together as a group we’ll select a time that works best for the collective. Your 1:1 mentorship calls will be booked monthly with Rebecca. The program will not exceed 11 members. This is not therapy or coaching: it's peer-to-peer masterminding with a does of Rebecca’s mentorship to help you make changes in your life, relationships and business.

the cost...

Choose between a single payment of $3330 or 10 monthly payments of $350.


our refund policy...

Your purchase is non-refundable. That said, we get that sometimes life happens. If you find yourself in a position of being unable to participate please contact us.


Because I believe in the importance of real life gatherings I've designed this program to coinside with a special in-person retreat at one of my favorite retreat centers.

Those who attend the signature retreat will receive a 15% discount on the tuition for this program!



“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! This [mentorship] program came at the exact time I needed it. You helped me get out of my head and my scrambling for the ‘right’ way to do things. Through this process, I learned to trust myself more, to give myself permission to change course and change my mind, and to find my voice and my message. I’ve learned that who I am is enough and what I do is enough. Your guidance has been gentle and challenging. You didn’t let me opt out or play small. Thank you for helping me see myself and my potential.”

— Jessica Cowling


“Rebecca, your work is so important and I am so blessed to have you as a mentor + teacher. You helped me find my way when I felt lost. This [mentorship] program has given me permission to be me. Permission for me to do what makes me happy. Permission to show up and do my soul’s work. You have helped me find my tribe and a place I belong. A place where I am not too much. This program was the missing piece I needed to move forward and take the leap. I am thankful for this experience.”

— Gina Merritt, Solace Counseling


“Amazing love and guidance! The [mentorship] program allowed me to see and embrace my soul desires and believe my purpose on this universe will be discovered, unveiled and celebrated! Rebecca your love and passion to us these 23 weeks has been more than I could have imagined. Thank you for being YOU.”

— Glenda Conyers


“What a soulful and wise weekend [to close the mentorship program] full of teachings and slowing it down and working on what we each needed to do for ourselves. We had time to work on our website as much or as little as we needed to. We collaborated and listened to each other as we brainstormed and added and deleted and enhanced what we had. It was an incredible give and take. In between there were gatherings and discussions and sound healings and walks and intimate moments that bonded us and made us laugh. Made this cohort a true integrative experience. Rebecca is a intuitive teacher and mentor and seamlessly Brough our group to such a fantastic closure. Thank you to all the members of this group. Such a powerful and valuable experience.”

— Renee Pastolove


“The mentorship program EXCEEDED my expectations. Honestly, I didn't have incredibly clear expectations stepping into the program now I feel as though the ground work that was laid, the digging that was done, and the challenging that come along with it all served me in deepening my sense of who I am as a clinician and a human...and walking into the process of integrating those more and more. I needed to have someone in my life who wasn't my therapist but still understood things through a trauma-informed, creative perspective and wasn't my best friend but still understood things through caring deeply about me. This program saw me through a few incredibly difficult seasons of life in which I typically would have shut down and shut people out. Instead, I had Rebecca in my pocket to guide me through tears and fears into truth and I had a group of other supportive women reminding me of my courage. With the support of Rebecca's mentorship and the presence of the other group members, I was able to practice doing life differently, balancing the personal and professional in a way that felt more grounded and true. I want more of that. I need to keep practicing!" 

— Emily Clark


“I joined the mentorship program knowing I needed guidance with private practice. Starting a private practice had not been what I imagined nor expected it to be and I was starting to doubt my entrepreneurial ventures. I was captivated in joining CMMP given my past 1:1 work experience with Rebecca and being energetically drawn to her work; it just felt right, a path that I was guided to take. And by taking inspired action, I allowed my self to embrace a new journey. Though I didn’t quite know what to expect and, as I process my experience over the last 22 weeks, I realized I gained more than I had imagined. Such as insight into unconscious areas of my life that parraled my fears of being seen, the ability to work through these fears by embracing many parts of myself both personally and professionally and integrating how I use these insights into how I show up as a clinician. I further gained leaning into a supportive community of bad ass women that held space for our intimate talkings. Lastly, I accomplished building my website so that now, I can allow myself to be seen. This, was possible with CMMP." 

— Adavelyn Rivera


"My work with Rebecca began when the idea of starting my own practice was a dream that I didn’t quite believe was possible. Initially, as I explored the dream and my why behind it, Rebecca was there to support me, give it to me straight and guide me as I got underneath the fears that were holding me captive in inaction. We dove deep into who I was being called to serve, what needed to be healed to do so and concrete tasks that needed to be taken care of to get the ball rolling. Over the next handful of months, my practice launched and I saw my first clients. During this time, consultation with Rebecca became a sacred time of unraveling my insecurities, recognizing how and why I continued to get caught in their grip, and how to feel safe and effective continuing to show up, day in and day out. Rebecca helped me connect with myself, my story and my roadblocks in ways that I have never experienced before and in ways that have not only transformed the way I show up for my clients, but the way I show up for myself."

— Sarah Herstich


"I've been to therapy when I needed personal healing and I've had business coaching when I needed support on my entrepreneurial journey. But, working with Rebecca has been the best intersection of the two. She truly understands that in order to show up in your life as a successful business owner you've got to not only have the business strategies down (which she is an ace at helping you sort through) but you've got to figure out how to move through the blocks that keep you from executing those strategies. Rebecca has helped me merge my personal healing story with my business success story to get me to show up more authentically for myself, my clients, and my business. She's an investment I encourage all my fellow healers to give to themselves when they're ready to step into authentically showing up and being seen for all you amazingness without having to leave any pieces of you behind to do so!" 

— Mercedes Samudio, Shame Proof Parenting