Parenthood is a transformational journey and it can also leave you feeling lost and depleted. Parents often encounter complicated emotions and recover old memories that feel uncomfortable.  In truth, being a parent exposes your human vulnerabilities and shifts your relationships. 

I work with parents of diverse sexual, ethnic and religious backgrounds to help you find balance and escape feelings of lack and overwhelm and fall in love again with the life you live and the people who matter most..



You expected parenthood would transform you. But you didn’t expect just how much parenthood may disconnect you from your partner. You feel stuck. You feel lost. You yearn to rekindle your relationship but at the same time it’s complicated by all these other feelings that there simply isn’t space for. You desperately want to grow together. Yet, you have no clue where to begin, where the energy will come from, or if it will be worth the effort...



Here are the facts: 80% of all birth mothers get the baby blues. Up to 20% —or 1 in 7— moms suffer from postpartum mood and anxiety disorders (PMAD) also known as postpartum depression and anxiety. 10% of dads/partners also experience PMADS. When mom has a PMAD, her partner’s rate of having one also rises up to 50%! Research tells us that 83% of new parents experience distress during the transition to parenthood.



You want to create a nurturing environment for your family.  You want to be available to those who depend on you, but you also need to receive nurturing.Ghosts from your past may make an appearance when you’re faced with the fresh challenges of motherhood.  Old wounds that never quite healed, memories that still have a hold on your mind and heart, and past fears that still linger can all come to call during the time following a birth, especially when you are tired and frazzled and trying to adapt to life with a new little one in the house.