It’s all too easy to lose your connection with your most essential source of wisdom: your own intuition. When it comes down to it, parenting is not about technique and strategy. Parenting is about finding and relying upon your own authentic, intuitive guidance.  I’ll help you connect with what feels right for you as a parent to your own child. 

Refocus on you

Fresh challenges of parenthood, evoke ghosts from your past. Old wounds and past fears come to call, especially when you are tired and frazzled. You'll confront stress, loss, anxiety, worry, confusion, and sadness as you move through the many stages of parenthood. This is a rich time to learn about yourself.  Even as you miss the life you had before and grieve your loss of freedom and the changes in your relationship with your partner, family, and friends. The meaning you make out of the hard to sit with feelings, cultivates insight and clarity: new tools in your intuitive parenting toolkit.

Parenthood exposes your human vulnerabilities, complicated emotions and shifts relationships. Many feelings there aren't space for. You are afraid. Afraid of not being good enough, not loving enough, being open enough, pulling away too much, shutting down, isolating.

Reconnect with your partner

And you're also afraid your partner is doing the same, leaving you feeling rejected, hurt and alone. You find yourselves in what seems to be an endless cycle of disconnection — and it sucks! You're not alone. A staggering seventy-percent (yes, 70%, see the research yourself) of parenting couples experience a decline in relational satisfaction following the birth of their first child.

You need to cultivate safe spaces for your relationship to fail, rebuild and strengthen. Wisdom comes from being able to learn together. Vulnerable moments become opportunities for growth.

I'm a resource, not “an authority.”

I'll guide you towards what is in need of tending and healing.  Helping you develop tools and approaches that suit your family.

I pair real life experience as a mother with advanced professional training. I've been studying and working with parents and families for the better part of the last decade. I've studied under Dr. Sandra Leiblum at the Center for Sexual and Relationship Health at UMDNJ, Karen Klieman of the Postpartum Stress Center, with The Seleni Institute, with The Gottman InstituteElly Taylor in her Becoming Us™ method and mostly recently with Terry Real, integrating his Relational Life Therapy method.

Truth is I'm a geek when it comes to this stuff. But my favorite theoretical concept, “the good enough mother" is rather simple: it's not just ok to fail, it's necessary that you do. Children learn resiliency through mistakes, not through perfect parenting.

I'll teach you sustainable ways to infuse more intimacy and ease into family relationships and daily living. We'll cultivate a sustainable mindset to retain skills and deepen your satisfaction in relationships with your mate and your children. We'll honor your legacies and your dreams and root you in the now.

I work with parents of diverse sexual, ethnic and religious backgrounds to help you find balance and escape feelings of lack and overwhelm and fall in love again with the life you live and the people who matter most..