hello change-maker.

You're cultivating a life and livelihood filled with meaningful work, connectful relationships and vast visions.

Fear manifests itself as everyday distractions. It creates roadblocks and holding patterns of inaction, overwork or disconnection.

Imagine what you could accomplish if fear shifted into a guide that supports you in slowing down, tending to the relationships that support you and trusting intuition to get you unstuck, 

My soul’s work is to help you believe in yourself as you integrate personal and professional visions.

I'm Rebecca Wong, LCSW-R, a relationship therapist, mentor and coach to kickass change-making therapists and professionals, and host of the Practice Of Being Seen podcast.

Connectfulness® is my signature method. It's a soulful practice that will ask you to dig deep, to know your why, and to dare to believe in yourself. It takes grit and perseverance to trust your intuitive guidance. Even more so when your knowings flow against societal teachings. And that's also exactly why now is the time for you to dig in. 

In the fertile, uncomfortable in-between spaces, lies your power and wisdom to unblock the greatest of possibilities. Practicing Connectfulness calls your ambitious dreams and audacious goals into being. 

Photo by Glen Carrie on Unsplash