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who are you?

If you’re not sure who you are, and you can’t stand firmly in your wholeness and change-making gifts, the very best you can bring to the world is half-hearted help from a small, stuck version of yourself.

And from a business perspective, if you don’t know who you are, how can you possibly convey that to anyone else? If you don’t know who you want to attract, how can you possibly attract them? You end up spinning your wheels, trying one thing after the other and wondering why none of it really seems to work.

Until you’re able to break out of small, stuck, and spinning your wheels, you’re going to struggle to find clarity and alignment, and you sure as hell won’t be able to do your biggest work.

To step out into that biggest version of yourself, you have to start by looking within.

The process is integration. The practice is Connectfulness®.

The more you integrate your stuff (all those things we so often tell our clients to think about but then might turn away from ourselves), the more you’re able to present your whole self to your work.

But you can’t just work on your “work self” — because as convenient as it would sometimes be to separate the different areas of ourselves, your loves, life, and legacy work are all intertwined. Disconnection and dis-integration in one area will necessarily affect all the others, just how fostering greater connection in one area will improve the others.

That’s where Connectfulness® comes in.

This signature method is designed to bring you back into alignment with your deepest self, transforming fear and limiting beliefs into helpful guides, helping you foster relationships that relationships that support you, and developing your intuition so you never have to worry about being stuck again.

Or, if you’d prefer therapist-speak, we’re going to integrate your personal and professional visions using an evidence-based methodology so that you can perform your best work enjoyably and effectively.

It’s about slowing down, simplifying, understanding your own process, and getting rid of the “shoulds” for the things that are actually aligned with you.

I’ve got you.

As a professional with 15+ years of experience, 3 degrees and dozens of post-grad training experiences and certifications, I’ve got the chops to do what I say I’m going to do and then some.

As a fellow therapist, I can confidently say that whatever you’ve got going on, I get it.

And as someone who’s successfully guided dozens of therapists to move past their blocks and finally –– finally! –– start doing their best, biggest work in the world, I know I can take you there too.

It’s about moving from “Who am I?” to “I am.”

Are you ready to get out of your own way and start bringing your change-making gifts to the world?

Here are your options: