All of the attachments and losses you’ve experienced throughout your life —especially with the people with whom your stories entwine— are the heart of who you are. Deep growth occurs when you compassionately observe your pain and the informative wisdom it carries. And then tend to the parts of your self and your relationships that need mending with loving attention. It’s a heart-centered intuitive practice. Regulate overwhelm and vulnerability. Find your way back to your relationships —with yourself and your dear ones.

I work with individuals, couples and moresomes of diverse sexual, ethnic and religious backgrounds. My goal is to get you to a place you no longer need my services as soon as possible.

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No one can know you and understand your needs until you do. Give yourself permission to slow down: remember who you are, what you are made of, and why you are here. Liberate yourself from overwhelm and fear. Embrace every aspect of your marvelous and messy humanity.


Drawing from a powerful "no bullshit" therapeutic approach I help couples make powerful insights, sustain lasting change, and integrate healthy new relational skills. Move back into connection, work through infidelity and trust issues, increase intimacy, improve communication, and deepen relational integrity.


Combine the core elements of a 2night/3day spa retreat experience with nurturing powerful insights about the day to day of your relationship struggles. Return home restored and with a deep awareness and understanding of the blockages shaping your relational patterns.


Sex is an essential part of being human and an integral aspect of connecting in love relationships, though not always easy.


When you're depleted you lose connection to your intuitive wisdom. You risk losing track of your partner...and yourself.