Congratulations on taking this courageous step. 

Relationships are difficult

Your struggle to let anyone else see you begins with a struggle to see yourself. It can be uncomfortable to slow down and give yourself permission to be seen and see yourself. Identifying what you feel, want and need is where Connectfulness®  begins. . .

And yet, it can be hard to tolerate staying present with your painful, stressful fear loops on your own. This is where our work begins. I'll join you in the process of discovering your truths and together we'll explore how you see yourself; your feelings, observations, and your relationships. It's in these (often uncomfortable) reflections that we'll uncover what evokes your shame, guilt, and lonliness.

My "no bullshit approach" helps couples and individuals make powerful and lasting relational shifts

I draw from a powerful therapeutic methodology called Relational Life Therapy (RLT). Many of my clients report seeing significant shifts in the first few sessions. We'll address your most troubling issues head on —with honesty, sincerity, and effectiveness— and target your problem relational behaviors, underlying family of origin issues and past traumas. And then I'll help you integrate healthy new relational skills into your daily life. 

Gain powerful insights and sustain lasting change

I encourage you to review my most frequently asked questions and schedule a free 15-minute phone consult to discuss how I can help and answer your specific questions. 

Individuals typically reserve 45-minute weekly sessions ($175).

Couples usually schedule 90-minute sessions ($325), every other week. Though some couples prefer to work on a more intensive schedule or in a retreat style intensive setting. 

My goal is to get you to a place you no longer need my services as soon as possible!  

I work with people of diverse sexual, ethnic and religious backgrounds, who are struggling in relationships — I'd love to help you.





Sex is an essential part of being human and an integral aspect of connecting in love relationships. Sex feels good and helps you connect deeper with your partners and yourself. It’s not always easy though, in fact, many people develop sexual difficulties. I work with individuals, couples, and moresomes of diverse sexual, ethnic and religious backgrounds to help address sexual issues that arise.



Parenthood is a transformational journey and it can also leave you feeling lost and depleted. Parents often encounter complicated emotions and recover old memories that feel uncomfortable. In truth, being a parent exposes your human vulnerabilities and shifts your relationships. It’s all too easy to lose your connection with your most essential source of wisdom: your own intuition. Ideally, you strive to strike a balance between your child’s needs, your own needs, and the needs of the rest of your family. More typically, however, you find yourself attending to whomever seems to have the most compelling needs and, in the process, often risk losing track of your partner, other family members...and yourself.