Imagine developing your website becoming a method of visioning into and manifesting your business growth rather than an intimidating task.

Your website illustrates what you offer and weaves together a wholehearted story reflecting you. Written, spoken and visual communication come together with real life experience to provide effective, authentic, powerful memories that linger with the people with whom you connect.

It's about going deeper and diving into the story, your story.  The story of who you are, what you do, who you serve and WHY you are doing it. That's what will ultimately create your brand.

There's always room to grow and evolve, especially in the arena of putting yourself and your maturing brand out there and making it visible and memorable!



We can work together on your website in two ways: 


1:1 Online Consults Via Zoom

If you have a website I'll review it with you in real time and we'll work together to explore how you can tweak your existing site to invite your ideal client to dive in with deeper clarity and impact. 

If you don't have a website we'll look at any online profiles you do have and start unearthing and polishing your story.

Many clients use these 1:1 sessions to create content, refine and polish their websites in real time together. $222 per session.  

Designing a New Website Package

After our initial consult, we'll meet together online for a 1:1 call and vision into your site and overall message together.

I'll send you a questionnaire to complete and some homework assignments to write into pertaining to the pages we've outlined for your site (a rough draft will do just fine). When you turn in your rough content I'll get to work editing, laying out and creating an overall flow of the story on your new squarespace website. 

Website packages including 5 finished webpages + 1:1 consultations to get the work done begin at $2220.

Please note that availability of these packages is limited.




Over the past 10 years Gina has been growing her group counseling practice and it was finally time to build a website that represented the group practice’s growth.

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Glenda is an animal assisted play therapist. She works with children, families, couples, and individuals in a playful manner utilizing evidenced based and non traditional and relationally focused treatment modalities.


Ada is integrative psychotherapist who blends modern psychodynamic therapy with sounds therapy, reiki, and emotional freedom technique (EFT) tapping.


Maya is a music therapist and psychotherapist in New York City who helps women work through trauma and stuckness, detach from long-held anxiety, and enhance their capacity to be both strong and sensitive in this messy world.