Transform the process of developing your website.

Your website is a creative container. It’s filled with visions and manifestations for your business growth. It illustrates the professional aspects of what you offer and weaves together a wholehearted story reflecting you and those you serve.

On your website, written, spoken and visual communication come together with real life experience to provide effective, authentic, powerful memories that linger with the people with whom you connect.

Your website is meant to connect the dots, go deeper, and dive into the story of who you are, what you do, who you serve and WHY you are doing it.

Convey your knowingness — bring your change-making gifts to the world.

Rates start at $222 for a 45min 1:1 consult. Well co-edit your content during this time — you’ll walk away with the know how and direction to follow through. If you desire more support, I design a limited number of websites per year for clients who want more behind the scenes support. Special rates available for members of the Collective.


Over the past 10 years Gina has been growing her group counseling practice and it was finally time to build a website that represented the group practice’s growth.

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Glenda is an animal assisted play therapist. She works with children, families, couples, and individuals in a playful manner utilizing evidenced based and non traditional and relationally focused treatment modalities.


Ada is integrative psychotherapist who blends modern psychodynamic therapy with sounds therapy, reiki, and emotional freedom technique (EFT) tapping.


Maya is a music therapist and psychotherapist in New York City who helps women work through trauma and stuckness, detach from long-held anxiety, and enhance their capacity to be both strong and sensitive in this messy world.