You were born into a
relational ecosystem

I can teach you how to steward it

We’re all born with a built-in capacity for relating to ourselves, to others, and to our highest work — an ecosystem formed by the three inter-connected, fundamental relationships of humanity. But most of us aren’t taught how to tend to that ecosystem. Instead of connecting with the deep knowing within us, we look to outside sources for guidance, acceptance, and recognition.

The result?

You feel unsure of yourself, constantly wondering if you’re actually doing what you want to be doing. You get thrown by every little thing your partner does. You wonder why everyone is able to have good relationships except you. You try your best to be the kind of parent you want to be, but you end up resenting your kids. You find yourself at the mercy of the people around you, responding to their wants, needs, and desires, while your wants, needs, and desires slowly slip out of the picture.

My work is all about stepping back into conscious stewardship of your relationships ecosystem so you can connect with yourself, others, and your work from a place of grounded power that’s firmly rooted in you, and only you.

It all comes back to Connectfulness®

To consciously live your life — instead of reacting to everyone else's — you've got to start by restoring your relationship with yourself. Because here’s the amazing thing: it’s all there. Your deepest, most expansive self is there, just waiting to be infused back into your life. It’s just gotten covered up by all the other crap we all deal with: false beliefs, stories that no longer serve, and a society that’s deeply, radically disconnected.

To experience this restoration and root back into your most powerful self takes an integrated methodology that addresses every aspect of that self. That’s what Connectfulness® is all about.

Connectfulness® is a research-based practice I’ve developed combining my decades of experience and evidence-based protocols that gets to the heart of relationship issues, helps you integrate them, and leaves you with the skills to decide how you want to show up in relationships.

Here’s how it works:

Whether you’re coming to this work alone, with others in a relationship, or in relation to your work, it always play out in three stages.

We first start by getting the lay of the land. It sounds intuitive, but you’d be shocked by how many people try to solve their problems before they actually know what those problems are. In our work together, we’ll start by getting a clear picture of what’s really going on, where the issue comes from, and where it’s showing up in your life. (Because I guarantee you it’s seeping out of your relationships and into other places you would never think of!

Once we have the lay of the land, it’s time to go deep and look at your roots. In this stage of our work together, you’ll develop the insight you need to keep your own ecosystem thriving, instead of constantly looking to outside sources for guidance and fulfillment.

Finally, we’ll breathe life back into your ecosystem and start reconnecting those root systems that will be your greatest support going forward: your relationship with yourself, your relationships with others, and your relationship with your work.

Ultimately, it’s about integration, reconnection, and restoration.

When you’re consciously connected to your inner ecosystem, you’re able to finally live your life. Once you’ve got that ecosystem healthy and thriving, the whole way you relate to the world changes. No matter what’s happening, who’s involved, or how you’re feeling, you’ll always be able to practice your Connectfulness®, come back to your own internal “true north”, and choose how you want to proceed.

You live secure in the knowledge that you are loved, that you are love, and that you love. That love is energy. And that this energy is connection. This is where choice lives: in the energy you choose to align with. This is the ritual. This is Connectfulness®.


Individual Relationship Therapy

No one can know you and understand your needs until you do. Whether you’re single and looking for insight into how you can better relate, or you’re in a relationship and want to work on yourself first, this is the option for you.

Couple + Marriage Therapy

You know that something has to change. But you might not necessarily want that to mean that someone has to change. Together, we can figure out the right next steps for you.

I’ll give it to you straight: Drawing from a powerful, no bullshit therapeutic approach and using my signature Connectfulness® method, I help married, engaged, or otherwise committed couples and individuals make powerful insights, sustain lasting change, and integrate healthy new relational skills so they can move back into connection, work through infidelity and trust issues, increase intimacy, improve communication, and deepen relational integrity. I can help you too.

Private Couple’s Intensive Retreat

Sometimes a change in surroundings can make all the difference. Come away with your partner and combine the core elements of a spa retreat with a personalized deep dive into Connectfulness® couples therapy, and return home restored and deeply aware of your relational patterns.

Couples with busy professional lives, debating parenthood, preparing for a baby, an upcoming wedding, or making a last ditch effort benefit from the opportunity to invest energy into the deep focused dive an intensive offers to sort through long standing obstacles and discern your future together.


I love helping therapists in private practice integrate their stuff — fears, limiting beliefs, blocks and more — so they can do their biggest work in the world. Ready to go from “Who am I to be doing what I’m doing...” to a confident “I am”? Find out how here.