restorE your relationship
with yourself, others, and the world.

Ultimately, we all only care about three things: life, love, and legacy.

The details vary from person to person, and at different times in your life — in the end, everything we care about in life comes back to how we live, who we love, and what we leave behind.

The one thing each of these core facets of humanity has in common? Each one is fundamentally tied to our relationships. Your ability to live the life you want to live is directly tied to your relationship with yourself. Your experience with love is completely connected to your relationships with others. The legacy you leave behind is necessarily born out of your relationship with your work.

Here’s the thing ... relationships are difficult.

Every relationship goes through cycles of connection and disconnection.

We’re taught to think of relationships like they’re static states of being, but they’re actually ecosystems that go through repeated cycles of connection and closeness, and disconnection and difficulty. For most of people, these normal and necessary seasons of growth end up being the downfall of their relationship.

There’s something you can do about it.

Rough patches are built into the very nature of relationships. You don’t have to let them dictate your reactions. When you understand the natural cycle of your relationships, and get connected with your own inner compass, you develop the ability to slow down to reflect on your relationships with clarity. To disarm, and discern how and when to make repairs.   

If you don’t, disconnection will knock you sideways every damn time. And that’s going to bleed over into every other area of your life. You see, you might think that all you have is a problem with your relationship, but...

There’s a bigger picture here.

Love, legacy work, or life, it all comes down to the same thing: connection.

So many of us try to go it alone, or get stuck in old patterns and stories, responding to things that happened years ago instead of what’s going on right now, but all that leads to is disconnection with your inner compass. Relationship via reaction. And legacy work that gets left on the table.

You can address these issues separately, constantly trying for a little improvement on one here, the other there, and spending a whole lot of time and energy along the way.

Or you can get to the heart of the matter with a Connectfulness® practice and come back into connection with yourself, your relationships, and your legacy.

How you do one relationship is how you do all relationships — you can’t change one part of one without changing the others too. Join me in Connectfulness® and finally get to the heart of your life, love, and legacy!

Journey with the Connectfulness® Practice Podcast

Every month I invite a fabulous, big-thinking guest to join me to talk about what it means to be human together. We’ll have deep conversations about the big stuff — life, love, and legacy — and how you can foster connection for yourself and with yourself.

Relationship Therapy to develop your connectfulness®

Our relationships are the core of how we experience the world, but many people get stuck in the same old patterns of frustration and disconnection. I provide Connectfulness®-based therapy for individuals, people in relationships, and professionals who are ready to make real changes.

Root in and grow Professionally with connectfulness®

You’ve got big work to do in the world — but right now, your limiting beliefs are in the driver’s seat. Get high-level mentorship that’s specifically designed for therapists in private practice, and start bringing the best of you to your work, and the best of your work to the world.

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Rebecca Wong, LCSW-R is a relationship therapist, mentor, and creator of Connectfulness® method for restoring the connection to the self, others, and the world. 

After years of witnessing clients and having deep conversations about life, love, and legacy work, Rebecca realized that all the big things we struggle with — fear, imposter syndrome, not-enoughness, you name it — all come back to the same thing: disconnection. 

She created the Connectfulness® method to bypass all the symptoms of disconnection and address the root cause, allowing you to work towards wholeness in all areas of your life. She’s excited to help you create your own Connectfulness® practice so you can integrate your whole self, and bring your signature work to the world.

Rebecca is a licensed psychotherapist of 15+ years. She leads intensives, retreats and workshops and maintains a private practice in New Paltz, NY. She also works virtually with clients throughout New York and Colorado.