Sometimes a change in surroundings can make all the difference. Come away with your partner and combine the core elements of a spa retreat with a personalized deep dive into Connectfulness® couples therapy, and return home restored and deeply aware of your relational patterns.

During these couple’s intensive retreat experiences — offered exclusively to one couple at a time — we combine the core elements of the Connectfulness® Method with a fully personalized two night/three day retreat experience. Over the course of the weekend you’ll receive the equivalent of roughly 3-months ongoing couple therapy, customized to your relationship’s needs and jumpstarting your relational healing.

At the end of your retreat experience, you'll return home home with a highly personalized rich template of enhanced skills to integrate into your life. And with a deep awareness of where of your blockages take hold. You'll be well on your way to building a sustainable and adventurous Connectfulness® Practice.

This truly nurturing 3 day/2 night experience is custom built including gourmet meals, deluxe accommodations, supportive activities, spa treatments, and ample time to rest, reflect, and restore while you work intensively with Rebecca.


Day 1
3-6 Check In and Free time for Spa Treatments*, Sauna & Steam or Relaxation
6 Dinner
7-9 Session with Rebecca

Day 2
7-8 Morning yoga
8 Breakfast
9-12 Session with Rebecca
12 Lunch
1-3 Session with Rebecca
3-6 Free time for Spa Treatments*, Sauna & Steam or Relaxation
6 Dinner
7:30pm Guided Meditation

Day 3
7-8am Morning yoga
8 Breakfast
9-12 Session with Rebecca
12-1pm Check-out, Lunch and Departure

*spa treatments are à-la-carte


I offer couples intensives in a few ways:

at Menla — a deeply nourishing resort setting over a weekend
or in my New Paltz, NY office for half-day, full-day or two-consequetive-day sessions

Working from an RLT framework, I model our schedule off the work we’d typically accomplish if you were coming in to see me every other week for 90-minutes for 3 months.

Intensives are sought out by couples who…
…are seeking a fast, deep dive.
…are deeply invested in sorting out a good chunk of work in a short amount of time.
…have busy professional lives, a baby on the way, an upcoming wedding, or
…are finally ready to work through long standing obstacles, perhaps as a last ditch effort.

Couples leave intensives with….
…the lasting change comes from understanding what's been going wrong and the know-how to fix it.
…a follow up plan, including a highly personalized template of enhanced skills to integrate into your life.
…recommendations that may include referrals to another therapist or virtual/in person follow up sessions.

The goal is for you both to gain concise and powerful insights into your day to day relationship struggles, identify the most pressing issues you face, and explore the patterns underneath.

Cost is $3000 for 10 hours of couple therapy over 3-consecutive-days + the cost of Menla’s Get-A-Way + à-la-carte spa treatments of your choosing. Private intensives in Rebecca’s office start at $1025 for 4.5 hours / $700 for 3 hours and are customized based on availability. Friday - Monday


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