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Play your way into an unforgettable Valentine’s Day!

You’ll leave feeling invigorated and more attuned to each other than ever.

Yes, relationships take a lot of work, but  they also require a lot of play. This fun half-day mini retreat is your chance to reconnect and have a blast with your sweetheart while you get a glimpse of the bigger themes at work in your partnership.

We’ll tie an exploration of the complicated issues that couples often struggle with into playful physicality. We will use improvisational contact dance and lifts (and more) in a way that will not only make more sense, but will also help you retain your new insight on a deeper, cellular level.

Best of all, the fun won’t end there. We’ll send you home in that experimental, exploring mood. (The focus is on intimacy and connection, you just might want to book a sitter for the whole day!)

When: Sunday, February 14th from noon – 3:00 PM

Where: at Yoga at Iris in Accord, NY

Buy now and lock in the early sale price of $160 per couple!
$200 after January 31, 2016





Why would we want to try improv contact dance & lifts?
You’ll feel challenged to express trust and put yourself out there for your partner to support you. You and your partner will develop new skills to explore and re-sculpt the obstacles that get in the way of your relationship everyday, with deeper awareness and understanding.

How will this help us create more togetherness in our relationship?
As we physically play with themes -like rules, invitations and responses, facing your fears, trust, practice, rituals and rites of passage- you’ll simultaneously make sense out of your private ah-ha moments.

What if my partner can’t lift me?
All levels of fitness and all body types are welcome. All of the activities we are planning can be modified.

Do we need to purchase two tickets?
Nope, just one! Each Ticket represents 1 couple (2 persons) and includes light refreshments. Space is limited.

You have an early sale price, what do we have to do to take advantage of that?
Simple. Just register prior to February 1st and you’ll grab an Early Bird Discount!

What about refunds?
Tickets are non-refundable, but may be transferred to another couple.

Have more questions?
We’d love to hear from you. Please email Rebecca!


Who is facilitating this retreat?

Rebecca Wong, LCSW is a relationship therapist and professional consultant in private practice in New Paltz, NY. She is the creator of Connectfulness, a research based practice that encourages you to explore and embrace every aspect of your humanity – including everything that’s marvelous and all that’s messy. She uses this approach to help her clients and colleagues understand, manage, and value their own humanity as a tool to connect to themselves and all of the important people in their lives. She believes that our relationships are reflections of who we really are and every interaction is an opportunity for evolution. Every day she embraces life as a beautiful, messy, serendipitous adventure!

Richard Ferrono, has been involved with gymnastics for 43 years and has owned and operated his own gym for 20 years. He has trained many elite national competitors, including a two-time state champion (2014, 2015) in power tumbling! Recently Richard has been studying parkour and also various circus arts, and is bringing these arts to the Hudson Valley. He is very excited about moving away from competition, incorporating new paradigms in health and fitness, and having fun doing it!

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