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Every month relationship therapist, Rebecca Wong, invites a fabulous, big-thinking guest to talk about what it means to be human together. We’ll have deep conversations about the big stuff — life, love, and legacy — and how you can foster connection for yourself and with yourself. Let’s start to reconnect the world, one conversation at a time.


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We are shattered...

Never before have so many people experienced such a profound sense of disconnection in every single level of their lives.

The society that has the potential to be more connected than ever has splintered into hypervigilant us-vs-them-isms.

The relationships we hold most dear struggle to stand up to the realities of a distracted, frenetic modern world.

Most of all, we’re disconnected from ourselves –– and when that relationship with the self is off, every other relationship you have is necessarily affected.

... but we can heal.

Come back into relationship with the self, and you’ll be able to heal your relationship with others. Heal your relationships with others, and watch the world change around you.

That’s what the Connectfulness® Practice Podcast is all about.

We can’t fix what’s wrong if we can’t talk about it. We can’t move the conversation forward if we’re not willing to be real about where we are now. And unless we push the edges of what it means to connect, nothing will ever change.

Join me and my cast of fascinating guests for radically honest conversations about what it means to be truly human, in all of its messy, beautiful, hilarious, and heartbreaking glory. Let’s start to reconnect the world, one conversation at a time.


Hosted by Rebecca Wong

Rebecca Wong, a relationship therapist, mentor, and creator of Connectfulness® method for restoring the connection to the self, others, and the world.

She created the Connectfulness® method to bypass all the symptoms of disconnection and address the root cause, allowing you to work towards wholeness in all areas of your life. She’s excited to help you create your own Connectfulness® practice.


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POBScast Archive


The the Practice Of Being Seen podcast was Rebecca’s first venture into podcasting in early 2017. The POBScast examined how to create deeply restorative ripples of transformation within ourselves and with the world around us.