You want to be able to have difficult conversations without causing a relationship meltdown.

Relational Life Therapy (RLT) is a powerful model of therapy that helps couples and individuals make their relationships work.

RLT targets problem relational behaviors and underlying reasons within family of origin issues and past traumas and then teaches important and healthy relational skills. Couples will typically see significant results in the first few sessions.

RLT is a "no bullshit approach" that is is based on a concept of “joining through the truth”. 

We'll address your most troubling issues head on with honesty, sincerity, and effectiveness.  We'll develop a template of important and healthy relational skills for you to integrate into your daily life AND we'll dive into a deeper understanding of the behaviors and underlying reasons that your problems exist in the first place. 

Three Phases of Relational Life Therapy

Phase I: Waking Up - Loving Confrontation
Phase II:  Family Of Origin - "Where Did You Learn This?"
Phase III:  Relationship Mindfulness 

The goal of RLT is for you to gain powerful insights into your relational and personal dysfunctions by identifing the most pressing issues facing your relationship, exploring family of origin behaviors and trauma that negatively affect your partnership and then teaching you important relational skills to make and sustain lasting change in your relationship.

    • End your cycles of fighting and distancing.
    • Work through infidelity and trust issues. 
    • Increase intimacy and learn how to identify and get your needs met in healthy ways.
    • Enhance your awareness of self and your relationship.
    • Empower your relationship and make it great.

    To learn more about Relational Life Therapy and it’s founder, Terry Real, click here.


    I work with all types of couples, including the LGBTQ community and diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds.

    Both 90-minute couples sessions (usually every other week) and private retreat style couples intensives are available. My goal is to get you to a place you no longer need my services as soon as possible!  I invite you to schedule your phone consult or contact me below to discuss.