(Re)Vision: Explore Your Stories, Shape Your Future

A Practice of Being Seen Retreat for Therapist-Healers
August 13 - 16, 2017
Menla Mountain Retreat in the Catskill Mountains
Phoenicia, NY

You’ve got a theory, a venture, an offering, but the world doesn’t know about it yet.

It comes from the essence of who you are and you know it will speak the heart of the people you long to serve.

And yet... It feels too intimate. Too messy. Too hard to put into words.

You can sense it there, dancing on the edges of your vision, but you aren’t sure how to birth or hold your dream on your own.

Then you remember: just about everything worth creating is worth creating with support.

It’s ok that your project is still in process. Let’s hold your process together.

You spend most days wishing you could work on “that thing” but also feeling a little grateful for the everyday distractions that keep you from diving in and turning dreams into tangible reality.

But still... This project won’t leave you alone. There’s the glimmer that catches the corner of your eye and reminds you that there’s something more you’re meant to do.

We’ve felt that lingering presence. We’ve seen that glimmer. We’ve seen it in ourselves and we’ve seen it in brilliant therapist-healers like you who have so much to offer but just haven’t found the chance to manifest the fullness of their vision.

It’s time to tune in and create the space that will enable your project and your passion come to life.