the connectivity paradox

We live in a world that is overly connected.  Connected to things that matter and things that don’t.  Things near and far.  The everyday stuff loses a sense of importance even though, in our little corners, it’s the everything.  It’s all that really matters. I am not suggesting that we close our eyes to what’s happening in the world around us, but rather, that we use our awareness of the world to help redirect our attention at home and within.

We are too connected to the things that don't matter and not connected enough to the things that do.  

photo-2-300x300That's incredibly over simplified but lets look a teensy bit deeper.  Our world is a big scary place. For as long as our human species can recount, it always has been.  There is a constant onslaught of things gone wrong, people gone mad, terrorists, war, sadness and fear.  And if we take it all in that's a lot to process!

Processing all that doesn't leave much emotional space at the end of the day.  It makes parenting harder.  It makes that thankless boring job harder.  It makes connecting to your partner harder.  It makes life harder.

What if —instead of tuning into world events and social media— we directed that same attention and emotional space towards ourselves and our dear ones?  Towards our nest.  Towards what makes us feel more connected rather than more isolated and scared.  What would happen then?

World events wouldn't change.  Not immediately anyway.  But perhaps we'd practice feeling more connected to ourselves, our families, our communities and perhaps more at ease in our lives.

Its about taking back the power of connection.  


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