Discomfort As Guide

photo by Rebecca Wong

You feel discomfort. 

And it doesn’t mean that anything or anyone did anything wrong. 

Or that anything that came before this moment of time was a false or untrue or inauthentic. 

Your discomfort simply means that something is rubbing on you. 

It’s asking for your attention. To grow.

It’s time for something new, or new to you. 

And so you invite your discomfort to join you in dreaming into what could create more space -- and maybe this is why sometimes you run away/hide/withdraw, because this is also a version of creating space. 

This is where you can ask your discomfort for information to guide you into new possibilities. 

New spaces require all the questions -- all the discernment and tuning in: What ways can you pivot? Where to pivot towards? Why? How? When?

Discomfort guides you back into alignment with yourself...into consciousness.