Do Less. Hold More.

Do Less Hold More

Do Less. Hold More.

This is a teeny little phrase I like to remind myself and also one I share with colleagues and clients alike.

We live in a pretty fast past, instant gratification world. Understandably, we’ve grown to expect that the answer to everything is at our fingertips.

And perhaps it is. But often, I find we humans get it all mixed up.

We need to do less.

We need to stop trying to fix, apologize for, and make better the pain others bring to us.

We need to hold more.

We need to be more present and attuned to our own needs and also the needs of those around us.

When your partner, child or client shares their pain -be it emotional or physical pain- with you, as much as you may wish you could be the superhero to remove all suffering, perhaps the most authentic and human exchange you can share with them is simply one of being.

Be present.

Show up.

See, hear and understand their pain. See, hear and understand them.

Hold them.

You don’t have to agree with them. It doesn’t have to feel good. Just hold. Healing happens in the holding.

In the bearing witness.

We all need to be held.

It’s a human need.

And if you'd like some holding as you explore your own Connectfulness practice of doing less and holding more, I may have just the thing for you...

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