Nurturing Kindness


My daughter came home from school with a classroom story — a story of children alliterating words and making jokes.

There happened to be another child on the receiving end of the giggles.

We talked about kindness.

I told her my wish is for her to be the friend that sits next to the child on the receiving end of the joke, the one who holds their hand and perhaps even asks how they feel.

My daughter's innocence is strong.

Her friend wasn't bothered, she told me. She was sitting next to her friend and her friend hadn’t said anything.

I understand, I said, I also understand that sometimes it's hard to find your voice when you're alone. Then I shared some stories from my own younger years. Stories about times my peers called me names or said something that didn’t feel good and when they laughed I felt silenced.

This was a teachable moment

An important teachable moment - especially in today’s world. In a world where people who are “other” are feeling unsafe. These lessons start young.

Consciously or unconsciously, we are teaching our children what is permissible, what actions we expect and anticipate from them. We are responsible for how the next generations grows up, not only for the world we leave behind for them, but also for the people we shape them into being.

And that starts here. I heard the alliteration, the joke she was sharing with me. It was sweet and innocent. It was also an opportunity to slow down and remind her of the conscious role she plays in her community:

The kind friend. The friend that checks in. The friend that unifies.

Our world needs more unifiers

I invite you to take a moment and comment below. How can you encourage more kindness in the world around you? In your home? What lessons are you teaching? What kindness are you sharing?