Connected Parents. Balanced Kids.

[embed][/embed] Maybe you already know me, for those who don't, I’m Rebecca Wong a Relationship Therapist and a Connectfulness Coach based out of New Paltz, NY.  This is a transcription of my vlog, above.


Why connected parents make for more balanced kids.

It’s pretty simple, OK?  The idea here is that parents —when they maintain connections to one another— they model for their children a little less conflict.  Maybe it’s not even so much that they model less conflict.

It’s that they manage the conflict better.

And that’s probably the most important point here.  It’s in the managing conflict because when we don’t manage conflict, we breed anxiety.  And when we breed anxiety, we model that anxiety for our kids and—kind of hard to be balanced and to grow into a healthy human—a healthy adult human—when you’ve got a lot of anxiety going on.  

The anxiety is the stuff that gets in the way of our relationships.  

There’s a way to work with that anxiety and let it really help us in our relationships, but that takes a lot of skill.  And it’s not something that our kids are going to figure out on their own.  It’s something that we have to show them how to do.  

So, I get that relationships are tough—it’s something I work with everyday.   But, it’s really important for parents to look for a way to rediscover their connections to one another.  And this is true for all parents.  This is true for parents that are separated.  It’s true for parents that are divorced.  It’s true for parents that are married, whether they’re happily married, or not so happily married, or trying to figure out how they’re married.  

Finding your way to be on the same page with one another, to connect with one another, even if it’s just over tiny little moments, even if its over something that your kid did that was awesome.  This is important.  

It’s really important to show your kids a united front.

I hope that something here rang true for you today.  And if it did resonate, and if there’s anything you feel you could use a little help with, feel free to reach out.  Give me a call at 845-419-1494 or shoot me an email at