An invitation to reflect on a Mother in your life

Gift for Mommy | Photo Credit Rebecca Wong

I invite you to pause and reflect on a mother today.

Maybe she's your mother.
Maybe you wished she was your mother. 
Maybe she's the mother you wish to be. 
Maybe she's the mother of your children. 
Maybe she's the mother you never got to be or meet. 
Maybe she's the the mother you lost. 
Maybe she's the mother that hurt you. 
Maybe she's the mother that loved you. 
Maybe she's you.

Take a moment and find a quiet place and reflect on her presence in your life.

Notice all the feelings thinking of her evokes in your body. 
Notice how thinking of her makes your mind wander. 
Notice what you wish for as you think of her. 
Notice the impact she has on you.

Are there places within you that need more mother love to heal? 
And places that need forgiveness and holding? 
Can you give yourself permission to go there? 
To honor those mother seeking places on this day and others?

With love.