There's so much chatter about how to be a good parent. How to nurture the best in your children.

All the advice.

Truth is, adulting can be hard.

Parenting can be harder still.

You may have run out of energy to devote to yourself and the relationship that got you here in the first place.

That's where the #MessyParenthoodCommunity comes in.

We get it.

We're not here to judge you, just to hold space for you.

Years ago, when I entered the tribe of motherhood a wise mamma said to me "the nicest thing you can do for another mom, is invite her over to your messy house."

Too often we see what we think others lives really are and we judge ourselves in comparison. But these things we think are others truths, aren't the whole picture.

They don't include the messes. Internal or external.

WE ARE NOW FORMING, a group for moms and dads.

A space where you can be seen, heard and understood.

Building community - in person mixers and a professionally facilitated facebook group.

We're a professionally moderated community that meets both online AND in person (presently in NY and CO with hopes to expand our reach). We offer mommas and poppas a space to dive in, get real and connect.