Tuning-Out to Reconnect

Sometimes my partner and I fall out of connection.

We disconnect simply because we are different people with different lived experiences in different bodies..

Does that happen to you also?

When it happens in my life, I head the call to SLOW THE F DOWN

I have to. I'm a highly sensitive person. Who knows why I am, it could be transgenerational trauma... the thing is, I simply am. I experience my sensory world at a high vibration. 

For me to connect, to really connect, I have to tune out of all the extra stimulation. Turn off the TV, put down the phone. A noisy restaurant may not a romantic date make. 

But a remote island camping trip? YES please! That's the perfect medicine for me to slow down and tune into romance. Under a full moon, even better. 

And that's where my husband and I found ourselves early last August. We paddle boarded out to a small island in the middle of a not-too-far-and-not-next-door lake in upstate NY for a single evening. There we tuned out of the rest of the world and into one another.  

There we found respite, even if just for 24 hours, from all the to-dos, distractions and pressures of our lives. And yes, even from our children,

We set up camp and enjoyed some eats around the campfire and then we cuddled up in our hammock, gazed at the moon, listened to the waves and tuned into one another's breath. 

We reconnected.

It's shared moments like these that cultivate connection. Moments in which we make an effort to be with one another rather than simply go somewhere or do something together. 

I encourage you to make an effort to be with your partner, or children, or yourself... anyone you feel you've disconnected from. And I'd love to hear how that goes for you.